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School spaces

School hall

Whole school assemblies, dance, sensory activities and more are all conducted in the multi purpose space of the school hall. 

The hall is also used by senior students at lunchtime and primary students at recess.




Indoor - outdoor room

This space gives students the opportunity to develop their body awareness and motor skills.






Art room

A kiln, textiles and industrial equipment, as well as a great variety of visual arts media, materials and equipment are available when students visit the art room.

Students may visit the art room for art and craft lessons with their class teacher or for lessons with our visual arts teacher.


School kitchens

Peterborough students have weekly access to either the junior or senior fully equipped kitchens to prepare their lunch or morning tea. During the sessions, skills important to every day living including choice making and preparing simple meals or snacks are developed. 

In the senior kitchen, high school  students  may also access the modern, well planned learning space to operate the canteen work crew and  our school cafe called Sophie's Place.

Indoor play spaces

Primary students have access to indoor climbing equipment during class time or at lunch time. 

In various school spaces  students can climb, crawl, jump, lie, roll, tumble, swing, bounce and balance using a variety of play structures.

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